Wednesday, December 17, 2008

ARTSO: Anime

Watch This Opening

Visual: I didn't really find it that interesting. There was an obvious effort put into these opening credits as well as a try at being artistic, but I couldn't really find anything spectacular about it, despite all the bright colors and good animation, I found it average. 6/15

Audio: Generic Japanese pop song without that much of a hook. I don't think I'll remember it. 6/15

Mood: The song and visuals really don't seem to fit what I know of this anime. 2/5

Information: We're introduced to some main characters, both running and in the background. It doesn't seem like I'm giving a lot of personality. I think the guy with glasses is a Mentor, and the cat-girl is a little ball of energy. There's quite a bit of CGI that looks like it could be the inner workings of a computer. The pink haired girl is the love interest, I guess and the hero has two swords. 8/10

Want to Watch: Pass. 1/5


Watch This Opening

Visual: This opening is much more interesting visually than roots. There are quite a few images that stick as well as some graphical glitching as the characters walk on the screen. I'm not sure if the shot of the characters falling while their clothing disintegrates was necessary, though. 9/15

Audio: The song is distinct enough. and catchy. I can see people thinking that it's annoying, though. 11/15

Mood: It seems to fit. There's intrigue going on and things aren't quite right with this world. 4/5

Information: We get views of a computer mouse and keyboard, which suggests that computers play an important role in this series. We are then introduced to each of the characters in turn. A dancing woman in red who seems out of place, a woman in green with a spear, a man with blue face paint, a dark skinned girl with a sword, a kid with tattoos and a staff, and a green haired girl with an axe. Are all these people the heroes of the show? Their personalities don't seem to be defined that much. Is that important? 7/10

Want to Watch: I'm not really sure. 3/5

Overall: 34/50

2x2 = Shinobuden
Watch This Opening

Visual: Well, that opening was a little bit random. The characters are well made and expressive, though. The fight scene has some good action in it, too. 9/15

Audio: Well, I guess it stands out a bit. It's quite a pop-like theme song. I'm not sure if adding in the character voices was necessary, though. 8/15

Mood: I'm not sure what I'm going to watch, but I'm pretty sure it will be fun and random. 5/5

Information: The nature of the credits makes me question how much of it has anything to do with the actual show. I mean, does the main character ever really fight as a ninja, or did they just put that in because, like they did with the rainbow riding and the shots of her as a teacher and waitress. Anyway, the theme song does give us some hint. The main character is a ninja apprentice. The Onsokumaru character who has the final monologue is full of himself. Also there's a green-haired girl and a girl with a school uniform. There's also a yellow blob who seems to exist entirely so he can be beat up. 9/10

Want to Watch: Maybe I'll give it a chance. It could be funny or completely confusing. 4/5

Overall: 35/50

Afro Samurai
Watch This Opening

Visual: Quite nice. There is a very strong color scheme, with browns and reds taking up most of the credits. The main character is filmed from some very artistic angles. There are also quite a few dissolves which are interesting to watch. 12/15

Audio: I don't have any problems with rap. The problem with rap, though from an opening credit theme standpoint is that you have to do a lot more to make the song distinct. I don't think that the credits here do a good job of being memorable, but considering this show is about a black character with black actors, it probably fits. 8/15

Mood: This is not going to be a happy anime. On the flip side of things, the main character is probably a Badass. 5/5

Information: Well, we see the main character. The red I suppose is supposed to be blood. We also see a bloody sword. I get the feeling that there are hints about the plot in the theme tune, but the lyrics are so garbled I can't quite make them out. The only words I think I heard were "headband." Is that headband important? (I've seen Afro Samurai. I know the answer to that question.) 3/10

Want to Watch: Probably the only reason I'd watch this is because it has Samuel L. Jackson. 2/5

Overall: 30/50

Ah! My Goddess (TV)
Watch This Opening

Visual: There are some pretty nice images, like floating feathers and such. The character designs are pretty good as well. There's a kind of softness to everything that works. There is an abundance of blues here, probably because the main character's color is blue. I will have to say, there are some points where the animation looks just a little bit off, like they aren't moving like normal human beings. It's most obvious in the closeups. 9/15

Audio: Instead of trying to rock your socks off right at the beginnning, they went for a more ballad style opening. There's a little bit of a hook with the "Open Your Mind" chorus in the background. The actual melody of the verse and the chorus, while quite beautiful, doesn't really stick that well. 9/15

Mood: It's a romantic show about two people who really enjoy each other's company, to the point where are relationship starts going absolutely nowhere rather quickly. However, the core of the show is their relationship. 5/5

Information: So there's this rather average looking guy who drives a motorcycle and this girl with blue face markings. They seem to be rather close to each other, and are probably the main romance story of the work. Also there are at least three other women with face markings. At least I assume they are all women. It's hard to tell sometimes in anime. The dark-skinned one wants the two main characters to get together. The one dressed in black is probably a villian. I'm not sure about the one with black hair and purple markings, though. All I can really tell about her is she looks young. We are also shown cast shots of three other women who don't have markings, and a lot of male characters. The woman with long hair is probably a little arrogant, since she's in the "arrogant bitch" pose. The guy with glasses is a schemer. The other two in the front are comic reliefs. 9/10

Want to Watch: I may give this a try. 4/5

Overall: 36/50

Watch This Opening

Visual: About the same as the first season. There are a few visuals that are very nice to look at. The shot of Belldandy singing along with the music as well as Skuld holding on to her angel are images that stick with me. Also it doesn't have the problem of the first season, meaning there are no points when I watch the opening and think "Humans don't move like that" or "Something seems off. 11/15

Audio: At first the bagpipes seem a little off, but once you get used to them, this song is great. The melody is easy to remember as well as sing along with. The bagpipes also serve to make this opening sound unique. How many openings do you know that use bagpipes. By the way, the full version of this song is absolutely amazing. Honestly, if you can get your hands on it, buy it. The name of the album is Shiawase no Iro. The artist is Ishida Yoko. I suppose you could illegally download it off the internet, but you won't find out where from me. 14/15

Mood: It seems like a very uplifting series. 4/5

Information: Man, either they added a lot of characters to the second season, or they just bothered to show more characters now. It seems that the main characters are still the average looking guy and the woman in blue. However, the focus has kind of shifted more to the three girls with facial markings, who each seem to be connected to angels, unless that is a kind of visual symbolism. It looks like there are two new women with facial markings introduced this season. One of them has purple diamonds on her face and roses in the background. Does that mean roses are her flower, or is she incredibly romantic? The other is dark-skinned and has a sort of star shaped symbol on her forehead. The first seems to be connected to the woman in blue in some way. The second is connected to the woman who is dark-skinned with white hair. In the sepia toned flashes, we see various scenes of the blue woman and the guy. Seems he's a bit shy around her sometimes. After that we get a brief flash of all the side characters, and like I said before, there are a lot. 9/10

Want to Watch: This is a strong maybe. It looks like it might be worth it. 4/5

Overall: 42/50

Ah! My Goddess (OVA)
Watch This Opening

Visual: I'm not sure. There are times where the animation here seems clunky and awkward. Some of the facial expressions seems off as well. However, there are some pretty fun images to be found in those credits. 7/15

Audio: The song's fun. It' s J-Pop, definitely, but it fits the mood and is easy to remember. 10/15

Mood: So this show is going to be fun and random hijinxs built around a love story. 5/5

Information: So these three main women probably have majical powers, right? It's obvious the blond is in some kind of relationship with the guy who works on the motorcycle. I'm not sure if they've been in a relationship that long, though, since he reacts that much to a kiss on the cheek. It looks like his friends are sometimes more than he can handle. Are they really going to be able to fit so many characters in just six episodes? 8/10

Want to Watch: Skuld is cute here. I'm not going to lie. There are problems with the animation, but I may be able to ignore them. 3/5

Overall: 33/50

Watch This Opening

Visual: There are some very strong images in these credits. The one that sticks out most for me is the girl spreading her arms and running next to the guy who's walking. Everything looks artistic and the animation and character designs are quite nice, although I think they went a little bit overboard on the follow-through at times. 11/15

Audio: This song spawned a meme. You can kind of tell why by listening to it. The voice of the singing and the way the chorus goes are interesting and unique, or at least they sound a bit different than what's usually out there. It's also very easy to get this song stuck in your head. 13/15

Mood: It's a rather depressing story, but it's treated in a kind of upbeat manner, especially that of the main girl. 4/5

Information: This takes place in the 1000th summer. What it's the thousandth summer of, I'm not sure. There are three girls that are important enough to get names in the opening credits. Kano Kirishima owns a dog. She seems to have a quiet kind of contentment. Minagi Tohno seems more introspective. She is not smiling in any of her pictures. Mizuzu Kamio is upbeat. There is also this guy who seems to be a traveler, considering that he's walking in every shot he's in and he carries a duffel bag. There are also a few minor characters introduced; someone with red hair who rides a motorcycle, a doctor, and a little kid, who you see sleeping on a bench. 8/10

Want to Watch: Might be interesting. 4/5

Overall: 40/50

Air Gear
Watch This Opening

Visual: I like the shot of Tokyo Tower at the beginning. There are some strong characters models here, as well as some good imagery, like when Agito changes into Akito. That may just be because I love the character of Akito, though. It looks like most of the time to make them skate they decided to just move a still image across the screen. 8/15

Audio: It's hip hop, but it has a hook. When the guy comes in singing. The song is very powerful and makes a decently strong statement. 10/15

Mood: It's an action anime where the main character values his friends. 4/5

Information: This is about skating, right? It seems that this kid with purple hair is the main character. We are introduced to a few other characters as well. A girl with pink/red hair, who seems to be leading the rest of the people to some kind of meeting. They must be on good terms, then. There's also a kid in a beanie and a short bald kid. They don't seem too spectacular. The bald guy falls down the stairs a bit later, so he's probably not even that good a skater. There's a huge muscly guy who appears in front of a tank, and a kid in an orange strait-jacket. Must have some problems, though he can break dance pretty well. 8/10

Want to Watch: Strong maybe. It could be fun. 4/5

Overall: 34/50

Watch This Opening

Visual: The opening gives you what you want from a fighting anime: lots and lots of fighting. It's mostly clips from the show, but the main character's fighting style is really flashy, so it kind of works. Mixed in with the fighting are random shots of planets. What do you mean it's not symbolic? 9/15

Audio: The song's kind of catchy as well as having a different singing style, but it works. That singer can squeeze a lot of words in a very small face. 8/15

Mood: It's about fighting. 5/5

Information: So there's this really tall school girl who fights people. Her fighting style seems to involve spinning, acrobatics and sometimes defying the laws of physics. 7/10

Want to Watch: Sure, why not? 4/5

Overall: 33/50

Ai Yori Aoshi
Watch This Opening

Visual: The imagery here is very strong. It flows well and shows some effort at artistry. I like the too main characters in a swirling vortex reaching for each others' hands. By the way, in later episodes (about halfway through the season) it changes so that they actually manage to grab on. That's around the time that they really start getting serious about each other. Just a nice small touch that I wanted to point out. The still images that are used about halfway through carry a significance to the series. 11/15

Audio: That song is lovely. It's absolutely beautiful. It makes me sad that I can't find a full version of it. On top of being beautiful, there's an easy to remember hook. It fits with the series very well. 13/15

Mood: There is comedy here, but mostly it's a touching story about these two people. 4/5

Information: There's a blue haired girl in a kimono and a guy. They seem to like each other, but something is getting in the way. It's not clear what that something is since it's told through visual symbolism. There are a few side characters as well, a dark-skinned girl who seems very energetic, an American, a purple-haired girl who has the spoiled-girl hair flip not once, but twice, an older woman with long hair, and a maid who is a clutz because of course if any character is clumsy, they will be the maid. The credits do a good job of establishing these characters rather quickly because really the show's about this blue haired girl and possibly the guy, too. 9/10

Want to Watch: I think I may. 4/5

Overall: 41/50

Watch This Opening

Visual: It's still looks pretty good. However, while the first season seemed touching, this season just seems to be full of lots of angst. Why are so many people crying in these credits? 9/15

Audio: It's nice, but not amazingly beautiful like the first season. 10/15

Mood: Did the series just get a lot darker? 3/5

Information: A little more presence is given to the side characters in this opening. The main relationship is probably still at the fore, but did these side characters prove really popular so they decided to give them more screen time? You can see a little more of their personality here. The spoiled girl is shown to have a few more facets than just being spoiled. The blond is trying to kiss the main guy and crying for some reason. 8/10

Want to Watch: i'm iffy about this one. 3/5

Overall: 33/50

Aishiteruze Baby
Watch This Opening

Visual: The entire opening is about being quiet and soft. The images are slightly blurred to give a sort of dreamlike quality to them. There's an abundance of still images and dropped frames of animation. However, it's not supposed to take you on a ride. It's supposed to give you a sense of peace. 9/15

Audio: Likewise, the song is quiet and soft. It's really a lovely peace of work. I'm not sure about the drum pattern in the back. You think they'd go with something that was less noticeable. 8/15

Mood: It fits well. It's a quiet anime about the joys you can get from raising a kid, even if she isn't yours. 5/5

Information: There are three characters, a boy a girl and a kid, who oddly seem to all have blond hair. The boy and girl are in school uniforms, so I'm hoping the kid is not theirs. They're a little too young. It seems like they're happy with each other, though. 7/10

Want to Watch: I may be biased because this is one of my favorite anime. I'm just a sucker for touching stories about parenting. 4/5

Overall: 33/50

Watch This Opening

Visual: The character designs are ugly, but the backgrounds are really great to look at. I don't get it. There's very little animation here. It relies more on still images and small loops. 7/15

Audio: I know what they were going for, but I can't seem to get into this song. It seems to meander. It just doesn't feel like it was fully realized. The abrupt ending is part of that too. 5/15

Mood: This is not the world's happiest anime. 3/5

Information: Akagi is a loner and wanderer. Also, mahjong 3/10

Want to Watch: No. It doesn't really interest me that much. (Note to viewer: WATCH THIS ANIME. It is great, although the ending is basically a "read the manga" ending.) 1/5

Overall: 19/50

Akazukin ChaCha
Watch This Opening

Visual: The characters look very simple and easy to draw, but they aren't ugly. There are a lot of times where it's obvious they decided to use still images rather than animate. Seems the show had a low budget. 7/15

Audio: The song's fun. It's upbeat. It feels right for the anime. I enjoy it a lot. 11/15

Mood: What the opening doesn't show you is how funny the anime is. It's really a riot, although at times it feels like you're watching two different shows. One is a magical girl show and the other is a comedy about a young witch. 3/5

Information: There's this one young girl, possibly a magic user, who is the center of a rivalry between two guys. One is another magic user and the other can change into a dog. Actually, scratch that. When other characters appear it becomes obvious this is a Love Dodecahedron, although the three in the center are the most important. Also there's a girl with a bow, which apparently has the power to make the two boys suave. Who knew? 8/10

Want to Watch: I wouldn't stay away if it came on. 3/5

Overall: 32/50

Allison and Lillia
Watch This Opening

Visual: Lots of scenery. Lots and lots of scenery. It looks nice, but I'd like a bit more. As for the actual characters, they're okay. They seem the be well drawn, but something seems to be little off. 7/15

Audio: It's nice. The singer should stay away from those high notes, though. 6/15

Mood: An enjoyable story for all ages? 3/5

Information: This is the story of a man and a woman, possibly archeologists if the heiroglyphics are to be believed who travel around the world in an airplane. 6/10

Want to Watch: I'm not sure. Nothing really drew me in. 2/5

Overall: 24/50

All Purpose Cat Girl Nuku Nuku

Watch This Opening

Visual: It's kind of cool to see all the girls using their abilities, but there's nothing really amazing here. 8/15

Audio: The song is catchy and fun. Also, every episode a different girl says "ike" (a double meaning) in the middle. Some of the seiyuu sound really funny when they say it. 11/15

Mood: It's a fun ecchi anime. 4/5

Information: So there are these shrine maidens who have made a slave out of this one guy, but he's probably a pervert so he deserves it. They are introduce with what I guess is their names. I don't know. I can't read kanji. You can also see a bit of their personality if you want. The purple haired one with pigtails is an Emotionless Girl, for example. Also, the red haired girl is the favorite. 7/10

Want to Watch: Maybe? 3/5

Overall: 33/50

Watch This Opening

Visual: They did a slightly better job of making it seem attractive, I think, although there still aren't any strong images, the characters are fun to watch, and you can see them interact a little more. 9/15

Audio: The song is fun, but I like the first season one better. 9/15

Mood: It still feels fun. 4/5

Information: This is the story of a guy and the girl he likes, who is a Tsundere red-head. There is also a blonde who seems to have attached herself to him. They work at a shrine and it appears that Shinto powers are real and much stronger than you might imagine. The other characters are mostly given still shots. I'm sure there's a lot of information in the writing, but I can't read it. 8/10

Want to Watch: May be fun. Ecchi depends a lot on the characters. 4/5

Overall: 34/50

Watch This Opening

Visual: It's middle of the line. Some of the character designs were a little bit ugly, but it wasn't really that bad either. I've seen better fight scenes from other openings, and there weren't really any images that stick with me. 7/15

Audio: It was catchy, but I don't think there was anything about it that really stood out. It definitely didn't turn me off and I'm willing to listen to it a few times, but that's about it. 9/15

Mood: A typical shonen TV series. 4/5

Information: There is a high school student who does nothing in a world where fighting and killing are the norm, but he has a special connection to this one blond guy who can very easily be mistaken for a girl. Either hilarity or nonstop action ensues. 6/10

Want to Watch: Nothing seems to be really special about this. Pass. 1/5

Overall: 27/50

Angel Heart
Watch This Opening

Visual: There is a nice visual effect using shadows in the foreground to reveal moving pictures in the background. However, most of the pictures in the background are clips from the show, and while there is a little action and a couple clips that make a strong image, most of them are just normal clips. 8/15

Audio: The song is fun and catchy and doesn't sound like bad English, surprisingly enough. 11/15

Mood: This is a show about an assassin who tried to kill herself making an effort to fit into society and in most cases failing miserably. What's with this happy opening? I guess by the end of this run she does become happy and comfortable in her new life, but still. 3/5

Information: So the person who gets the most time in the credits is this girl with mid length hair. She seems to be okay with a gun and able to hold a knife in her teeth. She seems to have many shots of her looking sad. The person with the second most screen time is the guy. He's a little bit of a lecher and likes looking cool. There's also a black guy in sunglasses, which would suggest ties to the mafia, except he's black, so I guess he's just a tough guy. 7/10

Want to Watch: It's a little bit hard to make a quality judgment of this anime based off the opening. 3/5

Overall: 32/50

Watch This Opening

Visual: This is very simply done. Not much that stands out. On the other hand, the entire opening flows really well and is well put together. 10/15

Audio: A lighter song than the first opening. Seems to be more touching as well. 9/15

Mood: This fits better. The anime is about a person overcoming her past with the help of a new family. At this point it has transformed from dark to kind of sweet. 4/5

Information: There is a short haired girl who is either missing or dead who is connected to the man and the other girl. She seems to be more closely connected to the girl, since they're in two shots with each other and there is body contact in these shots. The other characters are given short shots, which don't really reveal that much. Also, XYZ. Good advice for everyone who wears jeans. That may not be what it means here. 7/10

Want to Watch: It's still a maybe here. 3/5

Overall: 33/50

Watch This Opening

Visual: There are some strong images there. The first shot sticks in my mind the most. However, there are also a lot of still images, that aren't really that justified in being still. It sort of pulls in two different directions that way. 9/15

Audio: This feels like one of the songs that would be played in a club. People are dancing and they don't really care about listening to the song too much. They just want to dance. 7/15

Mood: This again seems to not fit the idea behind the anime. 2/5

Information: Mostly the same as before, except the black guy seems to have adopted a kid. 7/10

Want to Watch: Again, maybe. 3/5

Overall: 28/50

Angelic Layer
Watch This Opening

Visual: The animation is clean and the character designs are really great to look at, but that's to be expected. This is made by CLAMP after all. I like the shots of the different angels fighting, and that final shot with Misaki and Hikaru lying on the grass. There's a sort of sweet innocence to that shot which matches the main character. 9/15

Audio: The song is catchy. I could do with a drum beat that wasn't so overpowering, but the chorus is fun. 11/15

Mood: The show is light hearted and fun (for the most part). It fits. 4/5

Information: A bunch of girls (and maybe a couple of guys) play around with mobile action figures, making them fight. It has become a huge event if that crowd is anything to go by. Our main character is this girl with blue pupils who has a red doll. 7/10

Want to Watch: Might be fun. 5/5

Overall: 36/50


Watch This Opening

Visual: A bunch of still images, which really drives home the fact that ARIA is all about the Scenery Porn. They're great to look at, but I'd like a little bit more. 8/15

Audio: This song needs another singer. The voice here is too breathy and the melody doesn't come out. I'm sure it would be great if they could find someone whose voice was a little more pure. 7/15

Mood: ARIA is a peaceful series about the everyday life of a group of people. 5/5

Information: It's all scenery. There seems to be a lot of water. That's about it. 2/10

Want to Watch: Maybe. 3/5

Overall: 25/50

Armored Trooper VOTOMS
Watch This Opening

Visual: This is an older series, I'm aware of that, but even older series can come up with strong images to put into the credits. Everything here was lackluster. The animation was cheap to the point that I noticed it. There are no images that stick out. It's just there. 5/15

Audio: Nothing to be really impressed by. It's average at best. 5/15

Mood: It's a mecha show, so this seems to fit okay. 4/5

Information: This man is in charge of a robot. He uses it to fight for truth and justice, but not the American way because he's not American (duh). 6/10

Want to Watch: Pass. 1/5

Overall: 21/50

Asatte no Houkou
Watch This Opening

Visual: There really weren't any parts that stood out too much. Usually I treat this as a bad thing, but here, the overall effect of the visuals works really well. There's a sort of easygoing nature here which is charming and draws you in. 10/15

Audio: It's very simple and lovely. It fits the feeling of the visuals rather well. 9/15

Mood: After reading the synopsis, I have a feeling that the mood of the show is very different from these credits, but maybe there's a reason for this. 3/5

Information: There is this young kid and she's the main character. I don't know much about her, but I can see enough of her personality to know that she will be fun to watch. 6/10

Want to Watch: I'm interested. 5/5

Overall: 33/50

Ask Dr. Rin!
Watch This Opening

Visual: First off, there was a lot of CG being used to very little effect, but once they stopped using CG, then the vibrant colors and interesting if not memorable images came to the fore. Good, but not great. 8/15

Audio: Generic JPop. It has a hook, but it doesn't pull me as much as it could. 7/15

Mood: Lighthearted comedy. 4/5

Information: This girl likes this guy who at least tolerates her if not returning her affections. Other characters are there too, and if I knew more about the show, I'd probably be able to make more sense of what's going on in the opening credits. Is it augmented reality, random humor or fantasy? 5/10

Want to Watch: Interesting, but not must watch. 4/5

Overall: 28/50

Astro Boy

Watch This Opening

Visual: Before we start, let's just say everything about this opening was very average. The problem with that is that it doesn't give me much to say. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't good either. 6/15

Audio: See above. 7/15

Mood: It really wasn't as awesome as it should have been. 2/5

Information: There are demons in the world and a high school student with special powers fights them. He changes into monsters. There's also an Etna clone in a maid outfit. (I am aware Etna has purple hair) 7/10

Want to Watch: See above. 3/5

Overall: 25/50

Ayashi no Ceres
Watch This Opening

Visual: The images here have a lot of significance if you've seen the show. They relied a little too much on still images, but There were some beautiful things there. I just wish it moved more. 8/15

Audio: The song is rather lovely and sad. 9/15

Mood: Bittersweet love story. 4/5

Information: This is a love story between these two people. I'm not sure who that purple haired person is, though. 5/10

Want to Watch: I think I might pass on this. 2/5

Overall: 28/50

Ayatsuri Sakon
Watch This Opening

Visual: The beginning was nice. Everything else was kind of blah. The character designs look very nice, though. 9/15

Audio: The song sound generic, but there is a nice hook there. Don't know if I could separate it from the millions of other songs out there, though. 8/15

Mood: Not sure what mood they were going for really. 3/5

Information: This guy and his puppet travel around the world and meet many cute girls. Occasionally someone hangs himself from the bridge. 6/10

Want to Watch: Maybe. It looks nice, but I'm not that sure about the content. 3/5

Overall: 29/50

Azumanga Daioh
Watch This Opening

Visual: Clips from the show. Okay, just kidding, though almost everything you see in the credits does appear in the show later, some of them are animated from scratch. Others are actually clips from the show. The first time you see these credits, though, they are incredibly random in a good way. You get done and think "What did I just watch?" 11/15

Audio: I absolutely had to have a version with translated subtitles so you can see that understanding Japanese doesn't help you understand the song that much. The lyrics more than the images are incredibly random, with things leading into other completely unrelated things. The melody is either delightfully silly or a cacophonous mess depending on who you ask. 12/15

Mood: The show is silly and random. Why not make the credits so? 5/5

Information: There is actually a lot of information in the show, although not really if you haven't seen it already. What I got the first time was the teacher in the sweater wasn't really that good a teacher. Also penguin suit. 7/10

Want to Watch: Yes. 5/5

Overall: 40/50

Watch This Opening

Visual: This opening style feels really familiar. It's like the old-timey shows which stop at each character and gives them a name. It works rather well. One problem, though. This show has way too many characters. 11/15

Audio: A nice quick jazz piece, which adds to the overall feel of the credits. 11/15

Mood: Fun times in a Western setting. 4/5

Information: These characters are flashing by so fast. I feel like I'm not getting their full personality, nor the relationships between them. Who's on what side? Are there sides? What kind of people are they? They seems to be connected to the shady underbelly of the world, but what do they do? Hang around? Rob people? Scam people? Commit acts of terrorism? I'm not quite sure. 7/10

Want to Watch: I'm interested. 5/5

Overall: 38/50

Watch This Opening

Visual: It's a very interesting style. There are also quite a few strong images, although there are also times when it lags or has less of an effect than it should. Still rather strong. 12/15

Audio: It's a nice piece. A traditional Japanese style mixed with some pop sensibilities. In this case it's a good effect. 11/15

Mood: I suppose this is an introspective Samurai epic rather than a series with constant fighting. 4/5

Information: They have swords. They use swords. The main character is a stoic. 6/10

Want to Watch: Although it looks nice, I'm not really chomping at the bit to see this one. 4/5

Overall: 37/50

Bamboo Blade
Watch This Opening

Visual: It was pretty average in this regard. Although it seems well animated, there weren't many strong visuals. The credits also didn't follow a theme, so I can't give it credit for that either. 8/15

Audio: The song is fun, but I've heard better. 9/15

Mood: This anime is really more of a comedy than anything else. The credits don't really reflect that. 2/5

Information: This is about kendo. You can also see the personality of a few of the girls on the show. I guess this girl with purple eyes is the one we will follow the most. 7/10

Want to Watch: It looks okay. Might be good for a small distraction. 4/5

Overall: 30/50

Watch This Opening

Visual: There are a lot of still images here. A little more than I'd like. While some of those images are really nice to look at and interesting, it doesn't make up for how little the opening moves. 8/15

Audio: The song has a catch. I'd might like to hear more of it. It ends in a weird place, though. 11/15

Mood: This is a show about murder and love, but mostly murder. The opening is more about love. 3/5

Information: Apparently the two main characters have no pupils. There are men and women who fight. Some are quite grotesque. I can't tell much about their skills, alliances, or abilities, though. 6/10

Want to Watch: Maybe? 2/5

Overall: 31/50


Watch This Opening

Visual: The shots of American landmarks are nice. However, there's quite a few shortcuts taken as well. The animation is okay. Some things look a bit wrong. There's also quite a bit of Engrish on those signs in the background. Things that no natives would say. 10/15

Audio: I like this song. It's got a catchy rock beat, even if the English is a little bit messed up. 12/15

Mood: "We're putting the band back together" 4/5

Information: You see the charcters. There's a little personality and interaction, but not much. Also, you get to see the instruments they play. 7/10

Want to Watch: I might give it a chanc. 4/5

Overall: 37/50

Watch This Opening

Visual: I was thoroughly unimpressed by this. Way too many still images, and they weren't attractive enough to warrant the amount of time spent showing them. I know this is an older anime and all, but really. You think they could have done something a little more interesting. 3/15

Audio: There was a catch, but the song was missing the charm needed to make it a good opening song. 5/15

Mood: This doesn't feel like an ultra violent work to me. 2/5

Information: There is this guy. He has a sword. I can't really tell anything else. 2/10

Want to Watch: What do you think? 1/5

Overall: 13/50

Best Student Council
Watch This Opening

Visual: A little too much attention was given to the puppet. It seems like a normal anime opening in terms of visuals. 7/15

Audio: The song was a little catchy. I can't see myself wanting to hear it all the time, though. 9/15

Mood: Humor is what makes the show. 4/5

Information: I can tell there are tons of characters, who are all named in the opening credits. Keeping all these names straight is going to be a nightmare, though. There is some personality and interactions, but with as many characters as they have it's kind of hard to get everyone in there. 6/10

Want to Watch: I don't think I'm going to go out of my way to see this. I wouldn't resist seeing it, though. 3/5

Overall: 29/50


The Big O

Black Cat

Black Jack

Black Lagoon



Blue Drop

Blue Gender

Blue Seed

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Bokura ga Ita


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Candy Candy

Card Captor Sakura


Chrono Crusade

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Code Geass

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Cowboy Bebop

Coyote Ragtime Show

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Dirty Pair

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Doki Doki School Hours


Doujin Work


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Dual! Parallel Trouble Adventures


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Fate/stay Night

Fist of the North Star


Flame of Recca


Fruits Basket

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Full Moon O Sagashite

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Galaxy Angel

Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo


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Genesis of Aquarion


Get Backers

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Ghost in the Shell

Ghost Stories



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Gun X Sword

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Happy Lesson

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Haunted Junction

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He is My Master


Hidamari Sketch

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Hikaru no Go

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Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi



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Yakitate!! Japan

Yami to Boushi to Hon to Tabibito


You're Under Arrest



Yu Yu Hakusho

Zatch Bell

Zettai Karen Children

ARTSO: Western Animation

Action League NOW

Aeon Flux
Watch This Opening. (Yes, those are the opening credits, even though it feels more like a trailer.)

By the way, MTV has all the episodes for free online. Check it out.

Visual: It's kind of mixed. There are some very great images in the credits, but there are times when the camera work seems too jerky or the animation is a little bit off. There are some pretty nice images, though. Aeon's silhouette as she closes the door is nice, as is the shot of the bug caught in the eyelashes. 9/15

Audio: A bunch of pseudo-philosophical babble. Considering the idea behind the series, that probably fits. What's being said really doesn't make a lot of sense though. 8/15

Mood: Since the show is supposed to have make you think and half screw with your head, the credits seem fitting. 5/5

Information: So the world is far from being a utopia. It seems that the two characters, the blond man and the purple woman (I assume those are their voices) have a rather complicated relationship. I can't really tell if they're enemies, friendly rivals, or romantic interests. Obviously the purple woman is an Action Girl. You see her punching out somebody and doing acrobatics as she falls. The blond man is in some position of power. 7/10

Want to Watch: It might be interesting. I'll give it a chance, but I'd like to see how the episodes play out before I make a solid decision. 4/5

Overall: 33/50

Watch This Opening

Visual: Mostly clips from the show, but this clips they showed had quite a bit of action in them. However, the nature of the credits means that there really any images that stand out. also there really isn't a framing device to connect the images. 7/15

Audio: Arabian Nights is a well known song from the movie. The version used in the credits has some new lyrics that fit more closely with the series. 9/15

Mood: It's an action-packed Aladdin cartoon, right? 4/5

Information: Well, really if you know about the movie, all you need to know is that the cartoon is about Aladdin. Most people watching would have heard of the film. It looks like Aladdin is still getting into a lot of trouble. This seems to be a Monster Of The Week based series. For those who don't know about the movie, it really doesn't give much information about the character. 7/10

Want to Watch: You know, the credits are probably not what will draw people to the show. 3/5

Overall: 30/50

Alvin and the Chipmunks
Watch This Opening

Visual: Well that was fun. The chipmunks have a botched concert and maybe a few hallucinations along the way. There was a nice flow to the proceedings. The animation possibly could have been better or cleaner, but it was probably the best they could do on their budget. 9/15

Audio: It's a fun song sung in the Chipmunks style. Very memorable. Easy to connect to the show. There were a few times when the sound effects got a little bit distracting, though. 10/15

Mood: It's a fun show about three kids who are a little too rambunctious. Also it has singing. 4/5

Information: You get to see the chipmunks performing on stage. They are also named at the very end. Alvin, Simon and Theodore. Behind the scenes is a man, who seems to be more worried about the way their concert is going than the chipmunks themselves. When you see them playing instruments, Alvin has the guitar, Simon's on piano and Theodore is playing drums. That probably gives a small look into what their personalities might be. 8/10

Want to Watch: Could be fun. 4/5

Overall: 35/50

American Dad
Watch This Opening

Visual: Well, it was made by the same guy who made Family Guy, and it shows. The only person who's really animated is the father figure. Everyone else kind of sits there, even when he's hugging his family, they just kind of sit there frozen. However, the way the shots are set up shows that they put some effort into providing interest. I just think the animators could have done more to make it look natural. 8/15

Audio: It's kind of catchy. I like it. 9/15

Mood: If you go in expecting something like Family Guy, you'd probably be right. 4/5

Information: So the father is hopelessly upbeat and works for the CIA. He is also living with a Roswell Alien and possibly a talking fish (even though I don't see it talk, so I shouldn't assume). We don't really get to learn much about his family, they just get a couple of quick shots. 7/10

Want to Watch: eh, I think I'll stay away from this one. 2/5

Overall: 30/50

American Dragon Jake Long
Watch This Opening

Visual: Looks like clips from the show. To be honest, there isn't really anything attractive about the animation here. I don't know if it's cut corners or what, but I don't like watching it. 5/15

Audio: There's a small hook with "American Dragon", but really it's not memorable, distinct, or interesting. 5/15

Mood: Probably fits. It's one of those "kid picks up ancient powers" shows, right? 4/5

Information: This kid is a dragon who's being trained by his grandfather. He still has a lot to learn. 6/10

Want to Watch: I'm going to say "no." 1/5

Overall: 21/50

Angry Beavers

Animals of Farthing Wood
Watch This Opening

Visual: It's a limited animation style, but it's used real well. There' s sort of a strong language there with very little movement. 9/15

Audio: Orchestral soundtrack. Probably not memorable, but it fits very well. It's nice every once in a while to break away from theme songs. 9/15

Mood: Sort of a look at the world from the animals eyes. They are going to act like animals. 5/5

Information: So there's this group of animals that have been kicked out of their home because of pollution. I'm guessing that they are going to be traveling to find a new home. 8/10

Want to Watch: Might be interesting. 5/5

Overall: 36/50

Watch This Opening

Visual: The visuals are suitably frenetic. There is a sort of disconnected quality to them. You can tell by watching that the show has strong expressive characters. 10/15

Audio: That theme is incredibly catchy. It will get stuck in your head. Besides that it has the characters singing, which always does a good job of connecting the theme to the show. 13/15

Mood: A zany show deserves zany credits. It fits. 5/5

Information: Tons. On top of introducing the characters and giving small personality shots, it sets up the idea that there are multiple stories which may or may not be connected. Plus if you listen to the lyrics you get the entire premise of the show. 10/10

Want to Watch: It seems like fun. I may take some time on a Saturday Afternoon to enjoy it. 4/5

Overall: 42/50

Aqua Teen Hunger Force
Watch This Opening

Visual: Treated kind of like a dance session for a rap video. The animation is very limited here. 7/15

Audio: So it's a rap. It's kind of interesting, and easy to connect to the show. It still kind of suffers from the same problem as most raps. 8/15

Mood: The opening credits are the most exciting part of the show. Really. 3/5

Information: So these guys are based off a happy meal, I guess. There's a shake, a pack of fries and a meatwad. The fries can fire eye beams and the meatwad can shape shift. I'm not sure if the shake has any powers. I have a feeling this is a comedy series if the last shot of the credits is any indication. 6/10

Want to Watch: Why? 1/5

Overall: 25/50

Watch This Opening

Visual: Arthur is in a story book that's being read by his sister. Kind of meta. The characters look a little bit off from being attractive. The animation is simple, which works at times. Other times it seems to get in the way. 7/15

Audio: A Jamaican sounding tune. Kind of catchy, with a hook in the credits. It's easy to fit with the show. 9/15

Mood: It's a kid's show and it feels like a kid's show. 5/5

Information: Arthur has many friends, and he makes mistakes sometimes, but overall he's a pretty cool guy. Just don't ask him to take pictures for you. 7/10

Want to Watch: This might be fun, even if it is for kids. 4/5

Overall: 32/50

As Told by Ginger

Atomic Betty
Watch This Opening

Visual:Mostly done in the same style as the show. There's a little bit of action in the opening sequence, but besides that it's nothing amazing. It looks like the characters are well made, though. 8/15

Audio: "Atomic Betty, 'tomic Betty, 'tomic Betty" It's got a pretty good hook, and it's quite peppy. 10/15

Mood: Yeah, it fits. 4/5

Information: So this Betty goes out and kicks alien butt with the help of her green friend, who seems useless, and a robot. 7/10

Want to Watch: Maybe. 4/5

Overall: 33/50

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes
Watch This Opening

Visual: I'd say it's average. It didn't completely wow me, but it did it's job. 7/15

Audio: By the end of the credits, you will know the name of the show. 8/15

Mood: The tomatoes are attacking, but they're mostly cannon fodder. 4/5

Information: An evil scientist bred killer tomatoes. Why? For Science, that's why. Either that or World Domination. Fighting against him are a pizza delivery boy with a skateboard, and a girl dressed in red. The girl is carrying a tomato. 6/10

Want to Watch: This is either going to be So Bad It's Good, or it's going to suck. 3/5

Overall: 28/50

Avatar the Last Airbender
Watch This Opening

Visual: It looks very polished. The animation is well done, with the martial arts moves and such. It's also designed quite well. There are good transitions and effects, like the map changing to 3d, then fading into the world. There's an attention to detail here that's not often seen in American images. Also, there are quite a few strong images, such as the back shot of Aang. I also find it quite humorous that Aang runs into that rock every single week. 13/15

Audio: The music is not memorable, but it's more meant to set a mood than to be hummable. The monologue has information and flow as well as a few soundbites for viewers to latch on to. 9/15

Mood: Serious storytelling with a little bit of humor injected. 4/5

Information: This show is about elemental based martial arts. There are four nations in the world, and I guess their societies are based around the elements as well, considering one's called "The Fire Nation." The map they show seems to be color coded. Water is obviously blue, so the Water Nation is at the north and south poles. Fire is red and is in the rest. Going off the symbols in the corner, green is Earth Nation, which seems to have the most land. Air Nation is just scattered throughout the world. Fire Nation are the obvious enemies here. They are the group attacking everyone else. Obviously the Avatar is a Messiah or great master of some sort; the person who will bring peace to the world. He hasn't been around for 100 years, though, and is now resurrected or reincarnated as a young boy, who seems a little too carefree and spontaneous. This will either be a growing up story for the boy, or just following his adventures. 8/10 (a bit taken off because they don't bother to introduce any characters besides Aang, and it's the characters that make the series shine.)

Want to Watch: It's a rare treat in Western Animation to get a show that is willing to tell a serious story. 5/5

Overall: 39/50

The Batman
Watch This Opening

Visual: They made a great effort to make this show stylish. Zooming in and out of the Batman signal gives some continuity to the credits. It feels like clips from the shows, but they're put together in a kind of interesting way. It looks like they decided to make the villains grotesque, and is Catwoman Batwoman now? 9/15

Audio: A sort of lazy rock rhythm, used more for ambiance than memorability, but there is a melody there that kind of sticks. 8/15

Mood: Are they trying to be more serious and less action oriented? 4/5

Information: That guy is Batman. Batman beats people up. Hopefully they are evil people. 7/10

Want to Watch: If it's on. I don't think I'll go searching for it. 3/5

Overall: 31/50

Batman: The Animated Series
Watch This Opening

Visual: It's nice. Rendered mostly in silhouette, Batman takes out a couple of bank robbers, and leaves them for the police. There are some good images here, the Warner Brothers symbol growing headlight eyes for example. All of this provides a sense that this is Batman's town, and you don't mess with Batman's town. (thunderbolt). 12/15

Audio: An altered version of the soundtrack from the movie. The movie soundtrack was great. no complaints here. 11/15

Mood: Here Batman is a very straightforward hero. He does his job and that's that. 5/5

Information: Gotham City has a large police force that's mostly ineffectual. Batman does their job for them. 6/10

Want to Watch: Looks cool. 4/5

Overall: 38/50

Batman Beyond
Watch This Opening

Visual: A bunch of random images thrown together in a way that looks cool. There's a flow to this although at times some images seem out of place. 10/15

Audio: An industrial techno beat. It's a little bit hard to remember. 8/15

Mood: So this series is a little bit darker. 4/5

Information: The world has gone down the plug hole, but there's hope. He fights for justice; he dresses in black, and he's a really good dancer. 7/10

Want to Watch: Maybe if it comes on. 4/5

Overall: 33/50

Beavis and Butthead

Ben 10
Watch This Opening

Visual: There are some points of interest, but nothing really jumps out at me. It looks okay, but it doesn't pop. 8/15

Audio: Why do I feel like I'm going to watch a spy series. The song doesn't fit at all. In another kind of series it would be just fine. Here it seems out of place. 9/15

Mood: See Audio. 2/5

Information: Ben gets a wristwatch that allow him to turn into aliens, each with their own powers. There's a speedster and a flame thrower at least. Some of the others are a little harder to tell. 7/10

Want to Watch: Maybe. 4/5

Overall: 30/50

Biker Mice from Mars
Watch This Opening

Visual: It seems like typical Saturday morning fare. There are quite a few obvious shortcuts taken. 7/15

Audio: I can't really remember it. I don't think there was much of a track to speak of. 5/15

Mood: A Totally Radical series about Biker Mice From Mars. 4/5

Information: These mice are from Mars, and the fat guy is evil. Also, it appears that implied bestiality is alive and well in cartoon land. 7/10

Want to Watch: I'll say "no." 2/5

Overall: 25/50


The Boondocks
Watch This Opening

Visual: So they decided to show something that wasn't at all related to the show. It's about two kids, right? There are some fun images, but mostly it was okay. 8/15

Audio: Seems like a generic rap piece. I've heard better raps on the radio. 5/15

Mood: Boondocks is a social satire, so I guess it fits. 4/5

Information: There are two kids who I guess have overactive imaginations. Is the old guy one of them's grandfather? 5/10

Want to Watch: Not especially. 1/5

Overall: 23/50

Watch This Opening

Visual: There's nothing amazingly super duper fantastic, but it gets the job done. There aren't any points where the animation looks wrong or where I'm distracted by the shortcuts that are taken, so that's good. 8/15

Audio: "Bravestarr" I remember watching this cartoon when I was five. Haven't seen it since, but still remember the tune. That's staying power. 10/15

Mood: One good guy against the world. 4/5

Information: A man with the powers to call on the abilities of animals fights for justice on a planet that's overflowing with outlaws. 8/10

Want to Watch: Maybe. 3/5

Overall: 33/50

Buzz Lightyear of Star Command

Camp Lazlo
Watch This Opening

Visual: The animation just looks ugly. It looks like they were trying to be ugly. There is nothing really attractive there at all, not that there's anything bad with ugly, but it needs to be used to an effect. It can't just be ugly for ugly's sake. 3/15

Audio: Right, cause I need kids' nursery rhymes to be slammed into my head and made even more annoying. Thanks a lot Camp Lazlo. 4/15

Mood: As far as I can tell, the intro fits the show perfectly, which isn't a compliment. 4/5

Information: It takes place in camp, but the campers run amock and the counselor can't do anything about it. This is treated like it's a good thing. 6/10

Want to Watch: Do I even need to say it? 1/5

Overall: 18/50

Captain N the Game Master

Captain Planet
Watch This Opening

Visual: There's not much to say. It's animation like the animation for the show. They did use new scenes rather than just show clips, but there's nothing that stood out. 7/15

Audio: Monologue monologue. At least I know the entire premise behind the show. The only thing I can think of that distinguished this monologue was the last phrase "the power is yours" which is cliche in itself. 6/15

Mood: Saving the planet with a positive message. 4/5

Information: The goddess Gaia gives the powers of earth, wind, fire, water and heart to five different children from around the world. When they combine these powers they can summon a superhero named Captain Planet. 9/10

Want to Watch: I'm not sure. 3/5

Overall: 29/50

Care Bears
Watch This Opening

Visual: This show looks a little darker than I remember it. They showed more of the action oriented stuff than the cute stuff. The cuteness was still there, but it's not all. Other than that, nothing really stood out. The animation style seems to be about the same as other shows from the same time. 7/15

Audio: The song feels incomplete. They started with a melody, but didn't go far enough to make it stick. 7/15

Mood: Care Bears will be okay. 3/5

Information: They are called the Care Bears, but not all of them are bears. There is a lion and a raccoon at least. They have magic that comes out of their stomachs. 6/10

Want to Watch: I'm not sold yet. 3/5

Overall: 26/50

Watch This Opening

Visual: This is the opening I remember more. The care bears playing in their cloudy home. It seems to hold together more visually and is much cuter, to the point of being saccharine. 9/15

Audio: The song has a memorable melody and fits the cuteness of the show. It would be bery easy to hate, though. 9/15

Mood: Tastes Like Diabetes. 5/5

Information: The Care Bears are these bears that live on a cloud island. They have different emblems on their stomachs that reflect their personality. They may be clumsy, but they are incredibly happy. 7/10

Want to Watch: I can see people being turned off by this. Kids might not, though. 3/5

Overall: 33/50

Casper the Friendly Ghost

The Centurions
Watch This Opening

Visual: Saturday Morning Cartoon fare. Nothing impressed me that much. 6/15

Audio: Monologue! Monologue! THIS IS THE GREATEST MONOLOGUE EVER!!! Not really, but that guy doing it was very enthusiastic. Too enthusiastic. 5/15

Mood: I saw explosions. 4/5

Information: This opening doesn't give you information. It spells it out for you in excruciating detail. I now know everything I need to know about the show, so watching it isn't really that important anymore. 10/10

Want to Watch: See above. 1/5

Overall: 26/50

Chalk Zone
Watch This Opening

Visual: Clips from the show. It's okay, but nothing spectacular. 7/15

Audio: Even though it's more of a beat than a melody, it's quite catchy. 9/15

Mood: Maybe more hip than the actual show. 3/5

Information: Rudy has a piece of chalk that allows him to draw things in another dimension called chalk zone. There are three characters who say "Rudy's got the chalk," who might be important. 8/10

Want to Watch: Maybe. 3/5

Overall: 31/50


Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers
Watch This Opening

Visual: Clips from the show. At least there was quite a bit of action in those clips. 7/15

Audio: Very catchy. This is a song that stick with you and relates to the show very easily. Disney was very good at making these kind of songs around that time. 11/15

Mood: It's fun for the whole family. 4/5

Information: Well, you see, sometimes some crimes go slipping through the cracks, but these two gumshoes are picking up the slack. There's no case too big, no case too small. The Rescue Rangers will do them all. 8/10

Want to Watch: Yes. 5/5

Overall: 35/50

Watch This Opening

Visual: All the action takes place outside the window while two blobs play cards. It's a good concept. The characters are weirdly designed, but there's a charm to them. 12/15

Audio: It's okay. It's got kind of a melody that will stick with you and it's easy to connect to the show, I'm sure. Anyone who fondly remembers this show will probably fondly remember this song. 9/15

Mood: The show seems kind of wacky. 5/5

Information: We see the main characters and get a small look at their personality. The purple person with red hair is probably the main character. Seems to still be a kid, or have the mentality of one. The blue guy is a father figure and the pink girl has a crush on him. I'm not sure whether the blobs are important. 8/10

Want to Watch: Yeah, I'll give it a try. 5/5

Overall: 39/50

Class of 3000
Watch This Opening

Visual: The visuals don't flow well. They just seem to be thrown together rather than having a logic and order. It's bright and colorful, but it's also a mess. 6/15

Audio: What did I just listen to? Like the visuals, this is a random mix of playground songs without any sort of transition between. Again, it feels thrown together. 4/15

Mood: I'll give them this. I can tell the show is trying to be hip. 4/5

Information: A bunch of kids learn about music. They seem to play different instruments/have different skills. 6/10

Want to Watch: No. 1/5

Overall: 21/50

Clerks the Animated Series

Clone High
Watch This Opening

Visual: Well, it's not much to look at, but there is a sort of visual storytelling there that makes it work. 8/15

Audio: This song has a slightly different feel, which I enjoy. 9/15

Mood: Teen drama with clones, except it's more of a parody. 4/5

Information: The government made clones, who are now in high school and learning about life, the universe, and the pursuit of happiness. 8/10

Want to Watch: Yes, actually. The premise sounds weird. 5/5

Overall: 34/50


Code Lyoko
Watch This Opening

Visual: Clips from the show. There's an effort to make it a little more, but in this case, I think it fails. Throwing a bunch of images together doesn't make things interesting. Sometimes it's better to make things simple and easy to understand. 7/15

Audio: It's catchy, but I know after watching this series for a while that it starts to become grating. 8/15

Mood: If fits, but mostly because they use that song as if it's the only song in their repertoire. 3/5

Information: I'm sure the lyrics have a few hints. There also seems to be two styles of animation in this show, and maybe a bit of action. 6/10

Want to Watch: Well, I did for a while. 3/5

Overall: 27/50

Code Monkeys

Codename: Kids Next Door
Watch This Opening (The spanish isn't part of the opening)

Visual: The kids are introduced one by one in reverse order, making the logo for the show in the process, which is a pretty cool logo. 11/15

Audio: Was this taken wholesale from a James Bond movie. If not it's a very good facsimile. 9/15

Mood: Kids Next Door is a parody of spy conventions with children. 4/5

Information: You can see the different characters and get a feel for their personalities and abilities. 8/10

Want to Watch: I might. 4/5

Overall: 36/50

Count Duckula
Watch This Opening

Visual: I don't really care much for the animation or character models. They seem a bit stocky. That said, the set design is quite nice, and I think this series could have looked amazing with a little more time or budget. 8/15

Audio: The song was okay. It's easy to connect to the show, and it tries to have a hook. Not sure if it succeeds, though. 7/15

Mood: Wacky Duckula on madcap adventures. 5/5

Information: A clan of vampires can be resurrected by use of an ancient ritual. However, the people performing the ritual this time switched blood for ketchup, so Duckula likes vegetables. 9/10

Want to Watch: Could be fun, I guess. 4/5

Overall: 33/50

Courage the Cowardly Dog
Watch This Opening

Visual: The animation is limited and there are a few too many still images. Still there is a kind of charm to the way the opening is put together. 8/15

Audio: A normal speech. It's more about getting information out than being catchy, and it does that. 7/15

Mood: The show is a mix of horror and humor. 4/5

Information: We have the entire premise of the show and a small show of the personalities of the characters. 8/10

Want to Watch: Sure. 5/5

Overall: 33/50

Cow and Chicken

The Critic



Danger Mouse

Danny Phantom


Darkwing Duck

Dave the Barbarian

Dexters Laboratory


Donkey Kong Country

Dora the Explorer


Drawn Together

Dr. Katz

Duck Dodgers


Duck Tales

Dudley Do Right


Earthworm Jim

Ed Edd n Eddy

El Tigre


Fairly Odd Parents

Family Guy

Fantastic Four

Fat Albert

Felix the Cat


Flash Gordon


Flip the Frog

Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends


Fred the Monkey

Frisky Dingo


Garfield and Friends


George of the Jungle

The Get Along Gang

G. I. Joe


Goof Troop

The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy



Gummy Bears


Happy Tree Friends

Harvey Birdman Attorney at Law


He Man

Hey Arnold

Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi


Home Movies

Hong Kong Phooey

I Am Weasel

Inspector Gadget

Invader Zim


Jackie Chan Adventures

The Jetsons

Jimmy Neutron

Johnny Bravo

Johnny Quest

Johnny Test

Josie and the Pussycats

Justice League


Kim Possible

King of the Hill

The Life and Times of Juniper Lee

Lil Bush

Lilo and Stitch

Looney Tunes


The Magic School Bus

Magilla Gorilla

Megas XLR

Men in Black


The Mighty Ducks

Mighty Max

Mighty Mouse

Mission Hill

Moral Orel

Mucha Luca

Muppet Babies

My Life as a Teenage Robot

My Little Pony

The Oblongs

Pac Man

Pepper Ann

Phineas and Ferb

The Pink Panther

Pinky and the Brain


Pound Puppies

Powerpuff Girls

The Proud Family

The Real Ghostbusters



The Ren and Stimpy Show

Road Rovers

Robot Chicken

Rockos Modern Life

Rocky and Bullwinkle


Sam and Max

Samurai Jack

Schoolhouse Rock

Scooby Doo

Sealab 2020

Sheep in the Big City

She Ra

The Simpsons

The Smurfs

South Park

Space Ghost

Space Ghost Coast to Coast

Spectacular Spiderman

Spider Man

Spongebob Squarepants


Star Wars Clone Wars

Storm Hawks

Strawberry Shortcake

Super Friends

Super Man

Swat Kats

Tale Spin


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Teen Titans

Thunderbirds (I know puppets aren't technically animation)


The Tick

Time Squad

Tiny Toon Adventures

Tom and Jerry

Top Cat

Totally Spies


Twelve Once Mouse


Veggie Tales

Venture Brothers


Wacky Races

Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego


Winx Club

Wochenend Kids

Xiaolin Showdown

X Men

X Men Evolution

Yogi Bear