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ARTSO: Live Action Drama

American Dreams
Watch This Opening

Visuals: Very interesting. Iconic imagery from the time mixed in with shots from the show in a kind of pop art collage style. It provides a huge nostalgia hit and is quite interesting. 13/15

Audio: What was the theme again? It just doesnt' seem that memorable although it does come from the time when the show was based. It just seems a bit generic. 6/15

Mood: If this show is a light hearted look at family living during that era, then the credits hit the nail on the head. 4/5

Information: So there's this white family and this black family living in the 60's and dealing with what happens during that era. We get introduced to a few characters and are told of of the time the series takes place in. Not much is given in terms of personality, but that may not be important. The show is a nostalgic romp. 6/10

Want to Watch: I may. It seems interesting enough. As long as the drama doesn't become overpowering I might give it a chance. 3/5

Overall: 32/50

Watch This Opening

Visuals: The opening CG is quite interesting, and the scenes chosen from the series aren't bad either. Some of the names are kind of funny though. Hercules is captain of a starship. 11/15

Audio: Gets the job done, I guess. Not too interesting, though. 7/15

Mood: They are going to be battling for their lives. As the last ship of humans in the galaxy, let's hope they succeed. 4/5

Information: We're given an overall premise, a view of the ship and the main characters. We also seem to get a glimpse of the main villians: generic alien squad 1. 8/10

Want to Watch: Seems interesting. I'll keep this series in mind 4/5

Overall: 34/50

Watch This Opening

Visual: Started off interesting, but became boring with the cast shots. I'm wondering if they couldn't come up with something more interesting. The series seems to have enough drama and action to make interesting credits. 9/15

Audio: The song's pretty cool. I don't know how memorable it will be, but it's definitely something that can be connected to the show. 12/15

Mood: Seems to be a slightly darker series than Buffy. Considering who the show's named after, I think it makes sense. 5/5

Information: So there's drama and there's this guy who I guess is named Angel. There seems to be a demonic/supernatural undertone to the proceedings, and one of the main characters is a devil. 7/10

Want to Watch: I'm not sure. Those cast shots really don't do much for me. The premise might be good enough, but I think I'll hold on this one. 2/5

Overall: 35/50

Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Watch This Opening

Visual: Well, it starts off interesting enough with the waves and the title going by. Interesting color. There are also a few shots that interested me, like the helicopter. Everything else was rather bland, though. Even the slow motion running that has become this show's trademark. 5/15

Audio: It was okay. I like the soft piano. As for the rock track, it was rather average and didn't seem to have too much of a hook. 6/15

Mood: This show is either supposed to be really inspirational or a soap opera. I'm not sure which. 3/5

Information. Obviously, this is a show about life guards. We are also introduced to the characters with a few action shots, although they don't say much about personality, but was the personality of the characters ever important in Baywatch? There's also quite a few glamour shots. I wonder if that's important. I also know Micheal Newman has a very weird running style. 7/10

Want to Watch: Not particularly. There wasn't much that attracted me personally. I know this show is famous and everything, but the credits really didn't do much for me. 2/5

Overall: 23/50

Big Love
Watch This Opening

Visual: Quite interesting. The ice-skating in white dress makes for a neat visual motif, followed by the cracked ice separating the family, and the shot of them sitting around the table saying grace with the planets and/or moons in the background makes for a very striking image. It all seems to be tastefully done. 13/15

Audio: The song fits very well. I'll give them that, and it is Beach Boys, and one of their more popular tunes, so you know that it will get stuck in your head. The only qualm I have is that it might be hard to connect the song to the show, being that popular, but there are other shows that used famous songs in the credits and did quite well (Wonder Years e.g.) so I can't fault them for that too much. 11/15

Mood: This seems to be a very frank look at polygamy without caving to popular bias, showing that polygamists are people, too. The fact that you can see these people interact and they all seem fine with the relationship gives you the feeling that they are a normal family. There's just three wives. 4/5

Information: Well the show's about polygamy. That's all you need to know. There's more information than that, though. I can tell by looking that the wives have very different characters, and it seems that their relationships to the husband are also quite varied. It also shows a little bit of the dynamic between the characters. I suppose the ice cracking symbolizes that this isn't going to be all roses, though most of the problems are probably external. 8/10

Want to Watch: If I can get it, I think I might. The credits do draw me in. 5/5

Overall: 41/50


Watch This Opening

Visuals: Very cool. Moving in and out of tarot cards while showing iconic imagery from the WWII era. It's quite vibrant and interesting to watch, while at the same time giving off a kind of dark feel. The way the action from stock footage fades into tarot cards is also very well done. My only problem is with the logo, which doesn't seem to match the feel of the rest of the opening, but maybe that was the point. 14/15

Audio: Quite creepy, if not memorable, but they are making a mood, I think. It's also kind of slow. However, it does have a very distinctive feeling, and don't think it detracts too much. The score will take a small hit, though. 8/15

Mood: This show is going to be dark. I can just tell. It's not going to be your standard fare, at least. I'd be prepared for quite a bit after watching that. 5/5

Information: I can kind of see the era in which this show was set. Also, the tarot cards might be important. Considering the show's named Carnivale, I would say they are, or at least connected to the carnival, more specifically the fortune teller. I suppose I could derive something from the cards they decided to use, but I don't know enough about that. 3/10

Want to Watch: Maybe? I'd have to see a bit of the show before I make the decision. The credits don't turn me away, though. 3/5

Overall: 33/50

Watch This Opening

Visual: Mostly just clips from the show. They tried to make it look cool, but failed miserably. The flashes were probably supposed to add a sort of energy to the credits, but just make them look ugly. 4/15

Audio: An alt-rock song. It looks like the song was already there and they got the rights to it, but it is distinctive and I think it can be connected to the show. 8/15

Mood: It feels like they were going for something exciting. Is that what the show's about? 3/5

Information: So there are these three women as main characters. If you look hard enough, you can see their powers, but it goes by quickly and the flashes of light are rather distracting. Shannon Doherty can move things with her mind and turn invisible. Holly Marie Combs can stop things, and Alissa Milano can see stuff. I don't know if it's precognition or clairvoyance, or if she needs to be holding something to see. There's also these two guys, and I have no idea what their role is. 8/10

Want to Watch: I didn't see anything that really interested me. 1/5


Watch This Opening

Visual: Quite interesting. Columbo stand in the background with the colors shifted red holding a flashlight while still images of the cast come up in the fore. There's an effort to be a little bit different here. 9/15

Audio: A fully orchestrated theme song. That's nice. The problem is it's not really that memorable. 7/15

Mood: The credits make the show seem all serious and suspensful, but really, that's not what the show's about. 2/5

Information: Practically none. I know who the actors are, and maybe I could glean something from that, but I don't know what Columbo does or what he's like. 2/10

Want to Watch: Well, yes, but based off the credits I'd need more information before I make a decision. 3/5

Overall: 23/50

Watch This Opening

Visual: A bunch of random images flash by on the screen. There's kind of a frenetic energy to this, although it's a little hard at times to tell what's happening. 7/15

Audio: "Who Are You" by The Who. Okay, it's a good song, but I said before about using songs that existed already as your theme song, it makes it harder to connect it to the show. Here I don't see how the song fits with the idea of the show itself. 7/15

Mood: It seems to me that I'm about to watch a very different show than what I know about CSI. 1/5

Information: We see some characters doing things, but that's about it. 3/10

Want to Watch: While the credits are interesting, they don't really draw me in. 1/5

Overall: 19/50

CSI: Miami
Watch This Opening

Visual: Well, this is probably the visually interesting of the three. It's still not that great. 8/15

Audio: "We Won't Get Fooled Again" To the makers of CSI, I suggest you fire the people that made your credits. 5/15

Mood: Doesn't fit at all. 1/5

Information: About the same as before. 3/10

Want to Watch: Again, no. 1/5

Overall: 19/50

Watch This Opening

Visual: Here there's less energy to the credits, but in this case that provides more interest. 8/15

Audio: "Baba O'Reilly" this time. Again, I don't know how this is supposed to fit. 6/15

Mood: Still feels very different from the actual show. 1/5

Information: About the same as before, at least this time we can see more of what they're doing. 4/10

Want to Watch: no. 1/5

Overall: 20/50

Watch This Opening

Visual: Scenery followed by character shots. Nothing too interesting. 6/15

Audio: I suppose there's a recognizable melody, but it doesn't really hold me that much. 7/15

Mood: This is a series where everyone is stabbing everybody else's back, right? Somehow the opening feels different. 2/5

Information: We get character shots, but I don't really see much personality. Other than that, this show is set in Dallas. 3/10

Want to Watch: No. 1/5

Overall: 19/50

Dawson's Creek
Watch This Opening

Visual: Clips from the show. You guys probably know already that you can't get a good score just by using clips. There needs to be a unifying factor or something that makes the credits interesting. 6/15

Audio: A radio hit from the time. This song I connect more to the video than I do to Dawson's Creek, and I think I will continue connecting it to the video. The song does stick, though. 8/15

Mood: It's a teen drama, so this is probably right. 4/5

Information: There is a little bit of character and interaction between characters in the shots that they chose. 6/10

Want to Watch: Not especially. 2/5

Overall: 26/50

Days of Our Lives
Watch This Opening

Visual: The hourglass is a strong statement. The entire title is an hourglass. 8/15

Audio: The music is so-so. The speech is like faux philosophical babble. 7/15

Mood: It's a soap opera. This opening seems a little too sophisticated. 2/5

Information: Absolutely none. I know I've said it before, but this time I really mean it. There is no information in the credits that I can use to tell anything about the show. 1/10

Want to Watch: What am I watching? No. 1/5

Overall: 19/20

The Dead Zone
Watch This Opening

Visual: Quite interesting. I think it's made mostly of clips from the show, but it's put together in a way that's very attractive. It was interesting to watch throughout. 11/15

Audio: It's a haunting melody. I think it works. 9/15

Mood: It's another one of those shows about the curse of being psychic. Got it. 5/5

Information: I can tell that something supernatural is taking place, but I can't really tell what it is based off the credits. 4/10

Want to Watch: I think I may give it a try. 5/5

Overall: 34/50

Watch This Opening

Visual: Man, who knew an everyday morning routine could look so disgusting. Dexter gets up, shaves, eats breakfast and flosses before leaving the house. The entire thing is rendered in extreme close-up, focusing on the details you don't really want to see. There's a sort of ugliness to the entire thing that makes it interesting. 11/15

Audio: It's a kind of trotting rhythm on guitars. Not really that interesting or memorable. I think it's taking a back seat to the visuals, though. 9/15

Mood: What do you do with a show about a serial killer? Make him seem normal and weird at the same time. 4/5

Information: So there's a lot of blood in the opening, suggesting a darker underside to the show. I'm guessing this guy we're watching is Dexter, and something's a little bit messed up about him. It's not what he's doing. It's the way he's shot. 5/10

Want to Watch: I'll say "yes" to this. 5/5

Overall: 34/50


Watch This Opening

Visual: A still image of a police badge. It's a real police badge, though. 3/15

Audio: That tune is recognizable to people who know nothing about the series. 11/15

Mood: Serious crime drama. Seriously. 4/5

Information: They take cases that actually happened, add a little drama and change the names. 7/10

Want to Watch: I'm on the fence about this one. 3/5

Overall: 28/50

Watch This Opening

Visual: These credits put me to sleep. 2/15

Audio: These credits put me to sleep. Okay, the music was fine, but not spectacular. 6/15

Mood: These credits put me to sleep. 1/5

Information: We get character shots of every character, possibly even the walk on roles. I'm sure there's a lot of information here, but I didn't catch most of it. These credits put me to sleep. 6/10

Want to Watch: These credits put me to sleep. 1/5

Overall: 16/50

Watch This Opening

Visual: Mysterious. Not really. It's like they turned the green tint up and the brightness done, then said "let's find some clips from the show" At least some effort was put into making it look different. 6/15

Audio: One of those songs where the overall effect matters a bit more than the melody. It's okay. 6/15

Mood: If we don't save this person's life he will die!! 3/5

Information: They're doctors. They work in a hospital. They use the defibrillator way too often. (alright, that part doesn't come through in the credits so much.) 5/10

Want to Watch: I'll give it five minutes to impress me. 3/5

Overall: 23/50

Fantasy Island

Watch This Opening

Visual: The dolphin is swimming around, then we get cast shots. On the whole rather average. 7/15

Audio: The song's different than I remember it. The melody is catchy, but I'm not quite as sure about the accompaniment. 8/15

Mood: Animal saves the day. 3/5

Information: There is a dolphin, and there are people, but the only purpose of the people is to interact with the dolphin. 4/10

Want to Watch: Pass. 1/5

Overall: 23/50

Watch This Opening

Visual: Clips from the show. They did have the G entering the house and the slime in the background, though, but it was all clips from the show. 7/15

Audio: It was kind of interesting, but not too memorable. 7/15

Mood: I guess it feels a little creepy. 4/5

Information: It's hard to give enough information for a show that does short story format. It's supposed to be scary or creepy. That's all you can tell really. 6/10

Want to Watch: Nothing really drew me. 2/5

Overall: 26/50

Grey's Anatomy
Watch This Opening

Visual: It's an interesting visual style. It reminds me a lot of Dexter, except Dexter did it much better. 9/15

Audio: I know from the two episodes where I caught five minutes of Grey's Anatomy that music of this sort is very important to the overall mood of the show. This song was interesting. I may be willing to have it on my iPod, but I don't think it serves the show that well. 8/15

Mood: An artistic show with very real writing and relatable characters. . . NOT! 2/5

Information: What I'm wondering; is this show about medicine or sex? 4/10

Want to Watch: The credits might interest me. Then I watch ten seconds of the show and change channels. 3/5

Overall: 26/50

Watch This Opening

Visual: It's mostly clips from the show, but the backgrounds make it seem far more dramatic than it actually is. The clips aren't that great, but there is a unity to the entire thing. 8/15

Audio: Big and boisterous. Doesn't this make you want to be patriotic all over the floor? Seriously, though, the song fits, and it does a good job of preparing you for the show. 8/15

Mood: This is a legal show, but it's awesome! 4/5

Information: What we have here is military people doing office work, and arguing amongst themselves, but mostly office work. 6/10

Want to Watch: So I've been making fun of the show, but the credits don't turn me off. 3/5

Overall: 29/50

Watch This Opening

Visual: The name of the show rendered in static over a black background followed by a bright flash of light. It may be interesting, but there really isn't a lot of substance. 6/15

Audio: Two notes on a bass followed by some Morse code. I suppose it matches the visuals. 5/15

Mood: This is a dark show, right? 4/5

Information: None whatsoever except for the name. The name doesn't really tell me much either. 1/10

Want to Watch: I'd need to know more about the show before making a decision. 3/5

Overall: 19/50

Law and Order


Watch This Opening

Visual: Clips from the show. Rather boring clips, too. It also ran too long for what was being shown. The credits could have been cut in half or maybe been more interesting at least. 4/15

Audio: I loved in. It gives an old timey feel to the soundtrack while also being fresh. It's a good choice, definitely. 11/15

Mood: Mostly a drama series, but not heavy-handed. 4/5

Information: Matlock is a kind of bumbling, but caring lawyer working within the legal system to help people. 6/10

Want to Watch: Maybe. 3/5

Overall: 28/50

Murder She Wrote
Watch This Opening

Visual: Typewriters sure are fun to watch, aren't they? I'm really only being half sarcastic there. The typewriter is a good way to tie the images from the credits together. Everything else is clips from the show, but the typewriter, man. The typewriter makes the credits. 9/15

Audio: Give that composer a check. He found a very simple melody which is unique enough to stand on its own and very memorable. We have to remember that really Jessica Fletcher is a little "old" lady who likes to write mystery novels. People just tend to die when she's around. 10/15

Mood: Who cares about suspense and murder? Bring out the tea! 3/5

Information: There are two things that play a very important role in this show: writing and murder. Which is more important, I can't tell you. Also you get to see shots of the main character being herself. 7/10

Want to Watch: Maybe. 3/5

Overall: 32/50

The OC
Watch This Opening

Visual: Clips from the show mixed in with scenery. It's simple, but it does its job. However, it's still just clips from the show. 7/15

Audio: That song was bad. 3/15

Mood: This show has no point. 3/5

Information: We can see the actors. We can also see that this show has no point, which is actually a lot of information. Thanks, opening credits. 8/10

Want to Watch: This show has no point. 1/5

Overall: 22/50

Watch This Opening

Visual: People walk around on the street with living artwork in the background. It was kind of interesting, but it didn't really appeal to me in any meaningful way. It seemed disjointed, like someone just said "let's make pictures move" so that's what they did. 9/15

Audio: Street performer style music. Slightly up tempo, but with a slow melody. It's okay. Not spectacular. I know why they used it, though. 7/15

Mood: Is this show whimsical or weird? 1/5

Information: People go about their everyday lives in Rome while a fantastic play takes place in the background, and noone ever notices. 3/10

Want to Watch: It doesn't appeal to me. 2/5

Overall: 22/50


The Secret World of Alex Mack
Watch This Opening

Visual: Clips from the show. Nothing really interesting here. There's no action or interesting images. 5/15

Audio: The narration doesn't really offer anything special, but the background music is kind of quirky. 8/15

Mood: The shows a little fun, but mostly a teen drama. Maybe a bit off here. 3/5

Information: Alex Mack is just your ordinary teenage kid when she has toxic waste spilt on her. Rather than dying horribly or getting very sick, or losing the ability to produce normal children for the rest of her life (not sure about the last one actually) she gains powers. Powers such as glowing randomly, moving objects around with her mind, and ripping off the second Terminator movie. She goes on to continue being an ordinary teenage kid with superpowers. 9/10

Want to Watch: I did when I was a kid. Not sure how those credits would pull me now. 3/5

Overall: 28/50

Six Feet Under
Watch This Opening

Visual: HBO series often have artistic openings and I like them for that. I found this to be quite interesting, following the preparation of a dead body to the point where it was buried. It tied with the theme of the show very well. 13/15

Audio: It was light, but interesting. I think even though it didn't have much of a melody, I'd still be able to recognize it if it was played again. 11/15

Mood: Considering what this shows about, it would probably be a quiet introspective show rather than being in your face and brazen. The opening reflects that. 5/5

Information: This show is about death. I think the main character is a coroner. 4/10

Want to Watch: Maybe, leaning toward yes. 4/5

Overall: 37/50

Watch This Opening

Visual: It's mostly clips and cast shots, although there is an effort to make it interesting and use action shots, it still feels kind of forced. I appreciate the effort, though. 6/15

Audio: I can't get into this song. It doesn't really do much for me. 5/15

Mood: Superman's history as a teen drama. Maybe. 3/5

Information: There's this guy. He's fast and a lot of things happen, but making sense of this is kind of hard. 5/10

Want to Watch: I think I'll pass, though I might give it a chance if convinced otherwise. 2/5

Overall: 21/50

Tales from the Crypt
Watch This Opening

Visual: The shot going through the doors were great for setting up a scary mood. The shot of the cryptkeeper, however was kind of a let down. 9/15

Audio: I like this song. It's not too memorable, but it fits the idea the credits are trying to get across. 11/15

Mood: Honestly, I know they were going for creepy, but the stories told are less creepy and more Twilight Zone Twist. The crypt-keeper segments are more humorous. I'm not sure where to go with this. 2/5

Information: You get a great view of the house, and then that guy jumps out of the casket. Honestly, considering the nature of the show, it's hard to give information. I suppose they did the best they could. 6/10

Want to Watch: Maybe. 3/5

Overall: 31/50

Watch This Opening

Visual: Pretty unspectacular. It was clips from the show followed by the title, which was just okay. 4/15

Audio: Neither the opening monologue nor the music appealed to me. 3/15

Mood: Action and demons. 4/5

Information: A team of investigators/spies have joined together in order to preserve the human race against supernatural beings. 7/10

Want to Watch: Maybe. 3/5

Overall: 21/50

The Twilight Zone
Watch This Opening

Visual: A series of images float in a void. What those images are changes from season to season. The point is that it makes a strong statement. This show will be different from what you've seen before. 12/15

Audio: It's amazing how such a simple theme can invade the public's consciousness. This rivals the Jeopardy theme as most recognizable theme tune. The narration varies, but the thrust is always the same. Also, the narration is always done by Rod Serling, who has a unique voice, although sometimes his rhythm is a little bit odd. 13/15

Mood: It's a reminder to not trust what you see. 4/5

Information: Since this is a story anthology series, it's hard to give information. We do have the basic idea of the stories though. They are supposed to subvert viewer expectations or to make them think. 7/10

Want to Watch: It's hard not to be biased here. 5/5

Overall: 41/50

The West Wing
Watch This Opening

Visual: An American flag waves in the background while we're treated to cast shots, which are mostly just clips from the show. 7/15

Audio: An instrumental melody that I guess is supposed to sound patriotic plays in the background. It feels average to me. 7/15

Mood: See what amazingly good people these Democrats are? 4/5

Information: We see characters, but we don't get much personality. Also, the White House. 5/10

Want to Watch: I think I'll pass here. 2/5

Overall: 25/50

The X Files
Watch This Opening

Visual: Images having to do with aliens and the paranormal appear on the screen. The mutated head is especially memorable. The point of the credits is to be slightly unnerving, and it works. Also, the phrase at the end changes from episode to episode. Common ones are "The Truth is Out There" and "Trust No One" Some episodes have their own phrase unique to that episode. 12/15

Audio: The theme is haunting. It sticks in your head, from the arpeggiating background to the melody. 13/15

Mood: Depends on the season. The show went from a paranormal show that was more psychological to a gross out monster of the week show to an overly dramatic series about the characters. At the beginning, it fit very well. Near the end, a bit less. 4/5

Information: There are aliens and government conspiracies. We follow two FBI agents, Fox Mulder and Dana Scully as they deal with the craziness that happens around them. 7/10

Want to Watch: Either yes or maybe. I feel inclined to give this show a chance. 4/5

Overall: 40/50

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