Wednesday, December 17, 2008

ARTSO: Reality Shows

The Amazing Race
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Reality shows are why I decided to make my rule of significant design changes. Otherwise I'd have to review credits that are all identical except they have different cast images. Case in point. I don't want to have to deal with thirteen credits for one show that are almost exactly the same. The only major difference is the first season has narration.

Visual: Very nice. There are shots from around the world as well as an action shot and a group shot for each team. There is a lot that draws your eye and the camera movements are quite dynamic. 10/15

Audio: The music is quite energetic and distinct. I think I'd have no problem recognizing it. 12/15

Mood: This show looks pretty exciting. Who will win? 5/5

Information: So it's a competition with these teams of two where they travel around the world. Since the show is called "The Amazing Race" it's probably a race around the world. 9/10

Want to Watch: I'm not big on reality, but I guess I'll give this a try. 5/5

Overall: 41/50

American Idol
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Visual: Quite stylish. I like the rotating logo and the overall design of the intro. 13/15

Audio: Not really that memorable, which is a shame since this show is music based. 7/15

Mood: I'm not sure what to expect from that opening. It doesn't feel like a singing contest. 3/5

Information: I see people singing, right? So people sing on this show? What else happens? 4/10

Want to Watch: Based off those credits, I would be interested. Of course, knowing how the show actually goes I won't touch it with a ten foot pole. 5/5

Overall: 31/50

Americas Got Talent

Americas Next Top Model
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Visual: Pictures of models are mixed in with those of the contestants. It's rather straight-forward, but there is a kind of charm to it. No real bells and whistles here. 8/15

Audio: It's distinct and easy to connect with the show. The "wanna be on the top" that repeats over and over is a good enough hook. 9/15

Mood: A look into the glamourous world of modeling (but not, really) 5/5

Information: It's a show about modeling hosted by Tyra Banks. You get to see the contestants each try to model (albeit before they get their makeovers) and pick your favorites. 8/10

Want to Watch: I'll admit I have watched this show, and I kind of treat it as a Guilty Pleasure. 4/5

Overall: 35/50

The Apprentice
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Visual: Shots of various parts of Trump industries are mixed in with cast shots. There is a little effort put in to make the credits dynamic, but at times it feels like I'm watching two different shows squashed together. 7/15

Audio: "Money money money money... money" Somehow it's very fitting. 9/15

Mood: So this show will be an over-the-top business extravaganza, right? 4/5

Information: Donald Trump is hosting a show. There are two groups working under him: Protege and Versacorp, and you can see the members of each group, but really, the show is about Donald Trump. 8/10

Want to Watch: Maybe. 3/5

Overall: 31/50

The Bachelor

Beauty and the Geek

The Biggest Loser

Boot Camp

Candid Camera
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Visual: It's just clips from the show accompanied by the occasional "SMILE." Really, not much to look at. 5/15

Audio: It's a fun song. I'm not sure if the laugh track was necessary, though. 8/15

Mood: A hidden camera show. 4/5

Information: It's a hidden camera show. How much information do you need? 7/10

Want to Watch: I'll say no. 1/5

Overall: 25/50

Celebrity Fit Club


Dancing with the Stars
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Visual: An interesting kaleidoscope effect. It works very well and helps to make the cast images pop. Each of the celebrities are seen with their partner. They go through a motion that vaguely looks like dancing. It seems they were trained for this since none of them looked too bad, although there were a couple awkward ones. 11/15

Audio: A nice salsa number. Considering the show is about ballroom dancing, it fits very well. Besides that, it doesn't sound too unique. 9/15

Mood: A fun show with dancing. 4/5

Information: You are introduced to each celebrity, so you can say things like "Adam Corolla is on this show?!" Apparently we will see all these people dancing. 8/10

Want to Watch: Maybe. I'll have to see about the format. 4/5

Overall: 36/50

Dirty Jobs

Flavor of Love

Flavor of Love Charm School

Joe Millionaire

Joe Schmoe

John and Kate Plus Eight


The Mole

Watch This Opening

Visual: It's mostly just clips from the show, but it's done in a kind of "best of" style. The shot of Adam and Jamie back to back is pretty memorable, and there is an effort to make it fun to watch. 8/15

Audio: The song isn't much to talk about. The narration has a nice rhythm to it, though, and it's very possible to tell it apart from other narrations. 7/15

Mood: The intro looks fun. The show is fun. It fits. 5/5

Information: We are given the names of each of the people in front of the camera as well as a small peak into their personality. We are told that they take myths and "put them to the test." That's a premise as well as character. 7/10

Want to Watch: Looks like fun. 4/5

Overall: 31/50


The Pickup Artist


Queer Eye for the Straight Guy

Real World
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Visual: Kind of a pop artsy style. Interesting, but not that great. 8/15

Audio: Every season has the exact same monologue. I'm sure you could memorize it pretty quickly. 7/15

Mood: I'm not sure how much you can set up a mood for a show where you put people together and see if they do anything. 4/5

Information: We have a premise, as well as a short introduction to the people. 6/10

Want to Watch: Depends on the people in the house. I'll say no for now. 2/5

Overall: 27/50

Road Rules

Rock of Love

Rock of Love Charm School

So You Think You Can Dance


Temptation Island

Trading Spaces

Trading Spouses

True Life

What Not to Wear

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